British billionaire wants to put more money in Bitcoin

British billionaire wants to put more money in Bitcoin

Billionaire Simon Nixon wants more money in cryptocurrency investments. Bloomberg reports this today. The reason? More and more of our planet’s ultra-wealthy are embracing digital assets.

Bitcoin for rich Brit

Nixon’s family office, Seek Capital, plans to “increase its allocation to crypto.” They feel it will have “an important place in the future,” says Adam Proctor.

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Nixon is currently 53 years old and co-founder of This is a price comparison website for all kinds of insurance and mortgages. has enough information. In 2016, he sold the last shares of his company and put the money – more than $1 billion – into the tech sector. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, Nixon’s wealth was estimated at £1,365 billion in 2019. That amounts to 1.59 billion euros!

Trend continues

It’s no surprise that the billionaire’s family office wants to put more money into Bitcoin. Interest among these private companies in the crypto sector has been booming lately. A Goldman Sachs survey shows that 50% of family offices (with whom they do business) want to add digital currencies to their portfolio. Visit has enough information. The reasons are ‘long-term low interest rates’ and also the search for a ‘hedge against higher inflation’. Bitcoin is scarce (and the ‘supply’ inflation schedule is set in stone) and you don’t need a bank to hold it.

Just to name a few: Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego. Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller and Ray Dalio have all expressed themselves as pro-Bitcoin. There is no shame in choosing Bitcoin openly anymore. Nixon now joins that list.

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